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Terms of Use for the TUQ Site

Welcome to TUQ, an online resource that helps you keep in touch with your old and new friends. The TUQ website ( is a network project that brings people together based on their place of study or work.

1.Partner TUQ. (The ability to verify your account, as well as the ability to create your own store on the "TUQ Store", with your own product). Partner has premium status forever.

2.20 Tuqins to your account.

3.The ability to put GIF-animation on your image weighing up to 1.9MB.

4.Personal invitation to the TUQ closed conference, as well as the opportunity to participate in the nomination "Person of the Year according to TUQ".

5.Premium user support.

6.No ads.

7.The ability to raise one post up to three times in 24 hours.

8.Invitation to the TUQ Testers team.

9.Exclusive Partner TUQ Trophy.

10.Automated widget in your personal profile to sell your paintings to other users.

11.The ability to monetize your channel without time limits.

Terms of Use for the TUQ Site

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