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TUQ Team is looking for ideological specialists in different areas of the project. If you are an energetic fan of your job and are not afraid of difficulties, then you will definitely enjoy working with us. Leave your request in the Telegram bot.


Check the list of current vacancies can be checked in the Telegram bot @tuqjobs_bot. Applications are considered up to seven business days. Please send no more than three applications per month, otherwise you will be blocked.

Frontend Developer

Layout of WEB component of TUQ services.

Backend Developer

Development of TUQ Messenger / TUQ Network.


Development of interfaces and illustrations for the TUQ community.

Marketing Officer

Development and audit of the advertising component of the brand "TUQ Network".

Lawyer Manager

Legal Advisor in IT-Networks.

Creative Manager

Design and validate userstory user community.

iOS or Android Developer

Development of TUQ Messenger for mobile devices.

Financier Manager

Reporting and financial strategies.

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